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Written by Paul D. Race for Family Garden Trains(tm) and Garden Train Store(tm)

Track Order Form - Updated for 2020

This page is a cross-reference list of track products that are especially useful to people who are beginning their garden railroads. When we started this page back in 2006, only two major brands were widely available, and we had several sources for many of the products. So we listed AristoCraft and LGB track numbers and linked to several vendors. In the intervening years, both LGB and AristoCraft have experienced business setbacks, and and several of the stores that used to sell their track have gone out of business.

For this version of the page, we are still linking to Amazon listings where we can - Amazon's treated most of our readers right most of the time, which I can't say about all suppliers. We're retaining the product ID listings for all the track we used to list, and many new pieces. That way, you have the information you need to help you keep things sorted out, whether we have a supplier to link to or not.

You may notice that we have removed listings for aluminum and stainless steel outdoor preformed track. The major provider, AristoCraft has gone out of business, and no one else is building a full line of the stuff. If you're looking for track that can't possibly corrode, check out Llagas Creek's Nickel Silver flextrack (described under the Llagas Creek header below). That said, complaints about brass track corroding are WAY overstated, in my opinion. So don't be afraid to try it for your "starter" railroad.

Track manufacturers in this list are:

  • LGB invented the kind of track most garden trains use, including the profile (size and shape) of the rail. LGB was manufactured by a German toy company that went bankrupt in late 2006. After multiple changese of ownership, they have re-emerged under the umbrella of an Asian toy company that is striving to make certain the LGB name continues to represent quality. A number of LGB track products that were totally unavailable just a couple years ago are back on the market.

    LGB track is very solid - my only complaint is the slip-on rail joiners which work great around the Christmas tree but have been known to loose their connectivity after several years outside.

  • Piko garden trains started coming to American when the supply of LGB trains "thinned" in the 2007-2009 timeframe. Piko's American distributors have since made a full line of Piko track products available. Piko has a few curved and straight pieces that don't exactly conform to the sizes LGB has made. For example, LGB has 5'-diameter curves, but no 6'-diameter. Piko has 6'-diameter curves, but no 5'-diameter. In addition, Piko calls their 6'-diameter track R3, which is the name LGB uses for their 8'-diameter curves. That said, Piko and LGB track plug together just fine. So as long as you know what you're ordering, you won't get into too much trouble.

  • USA Trains' track is made by Charles Ro. It also has screw-on rail-joiners, like Bachmann, so it will tend to have better connectivity than slide-on rail joiners. A friend told me he was able to order most of what he needed for a small starter railroad from the Charles Ro web page. I have listed some of the more popular USA Train parts numbers in case Charles Ro still has it in stock or you come across it in a store somewhere.

  • Bachmann - In addition to the "indoors-only" track that comes with their trains, Bachmann has also made solid brass track that can be used outdoors. Though Bachmann seems to be scaling back on it's Large Scale line, some of its brass track is still available. The shape is compatible with LGB, and it attaches just fine, but it also has screw-on rail joiners, so it has better electrical and physical connection. Critics complain that it has a "dip" in the bottom of the rail, which some people see as a way of saving brass. That said, you can't see that when the track is installed, and it has very little effect on the track's strength and no effect at all on its conductivity.

    Note: The "stainless steel" track that Bachmann packages with their train sets is not designed for outdoor use. If you are ordering Bachmann track through the mail or a web page, be certain to order the brass track.

  • AristoCraft track is no longer made, but a lot of it is still around, so we're leaving the product numbers online in case you come across a box somewhere.

In addition to the products listed on this page, if you click through on any of the Amazon links, you may find other track products by the same manufacturers - we only have listed the most popular products.

Note About Amazon: We're not saying you have to buy your track through Amazon. In fact, if you can find it at a local dealership, buy it there. However, for our pages, we only link to stores that A: we trust to give our readers good service and B: give us explicit permission to set up these links. One additional feature of Amazon is that if several companies are selling the same product, you can comparison shop right on the same page.

Note About Other Manufacturers:

Llagas Creek Track - A great manufacturer who had delivery issues for a short spell a few years ago is back, big-time. Llagas Creek is under new ownership. They are best know for introducing cost-effective aluminum-rail flextrack years ago. They make their track in more realistic profiles than the big brass track manufacturers like LGB. Let's face it, LGB chose code .320 for strength, not for looks. MOST garden trains will run just fine on Code 250 track, by the way.

For people modeling short lines who are really concerned with realistic appearance, Llagas Creek also makes its rail heights available in Code .215. Products designed with close attention to scale (and relatively narrow wheel flanges) will run on it just fine. Some starter sets won't.

Llagas Creek has moved on from just aluminum, to add a very nice line of Nickel Silver track. Nickel silver, also called "German silver" and "coin silver," is actually a brass alloy that looks like sterling silver; it has been used to make everything from costume jewelry to professional flutes. If you want to know how well it holds up and whether it tarnishes or rusts, dig out the oldest nickel in your pocket and examine it for any sign of corrosion.

In addition, Llagas Creek is making some very nice turnouts (switches) that aren't available anywhere else. They're actually handmade, but very reasonable in price compared to what else is out there.

I often recommend preformed curves and heavy-duty track for beginners or small railroads. But Llagas Creek stuff is quite useful and can be quite cost-effective on large railroads built by people who know what they're doing. If you've ever used "flex-track" indoors, this is closer to that sort of thing than any of the other brands, by the way.

To check out Llagas Creek's line of products, please click here. If you do get in contact with them for any reason, please tell them I send you. :-)

Others? If you come across some other brand and want to know more about it, please contact us

For more information about different kinds of garden train track, please check out the Garden Railroad Track Options page.

Please contact us with any questions.

What Not to Buy

Track Made for Indoor Use - Bachmann garden trains come with track you can't use outside. To be honest, it's not that great inside, but at least it conducts electricity. That said, there are a lot of products that are much, much worse. The so-called track that comes with the battery-powered Lionel "large scale' trains, for example. Or the track that comes with those New-Brite or other toy plastic trains that the hardware and department stores get in every Christmas and sell for half-price the day after Christmas. It is actually scary that many of these manufacturers make the same track that comes with their trains available as an "add-on" purchase.

If you have any intention at all of running your trains outside, take the plunge and pay for a circle of solid brass track from LGB, Bachmann, or Piko. Yes it costs money, in some cases more than your train. But some of the plastic toy track costs quite a bit, too, and it's an investment you will regret.

Narrow-Radius Track - "R1" track is what comes with LGB and PIKO Large Scale train sets. It's fine for what it is. But unless you need to have things fit in a very tight space, there's really no point in buying more of it. ALL trains, even the cheap battery-powered ones, look better and run better on wide curves. In fact, many of the battery-powered toy "large scale" trains barely run on the "track" that comes in the box, and the tight curves are part of the problem.

When you go to buy "real track" your train can run on outside, consider R2 curves (5'-diameter) or PIKO R-3 churves (6'-diameter). Your trains will run smoother and you'll have fewer derailments - in come cases a LOT fewer.

By the way, for a very short time in the 1980s, Lionel made brass-plated track that looked like LGB track, but on closer examination, it had hollow rails. It's okay for indoors (except for the tight radius), but outside it won't last more than a year. Remember, "solid rails, bigger radius."

Hartland Locomotive Works (HLW) has changed their track format to an indoor-only version that is the same size as the standard R1 (~48"-diameter) track. So I won't recommend it as garden railroad track. However, it is better designed than most indoor-only track, so I would recommend it for anyone who has bought large-scale trains to use indoor only for small setups, such as around the Christmas tree, etc.

Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the trains and other products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site. So please print off any order confirmation screens and save copies of invoices, etc., so you can contact the appropriate supplier should any problems occur. (They almost never do, but you want to be on the safe side.)

How To Help Our Site for Free: If you find our tips, explanations, and recommendations helpful when picking out a product, Please Bookmark This Page and come back through it when you're ready to order. It costs you nothing, and we never see who placed the order, so you don't have to worry about us pestering you with followup e-mails or some such. But it helps us know what pages you find useful, and it helps our advertisers know who to support.

And that, in turn, helps us provide more useful resources. Thank you!

STRAIGHT Track with Solid Brass Rail LGB
(Euro) #
Bachmann # Piko # USA Trains # AristoCraft/Polk GeneratioNext
Std. Gauge
(US) #
AristoCraft/Polk GeneratioNext
Narrow Gauge
(Euro) #
1' Straight Track (usually comes in a box of 12 pieces) 10000 (300mm)
94651 35201 (280mm)

35200 (320mm)
R81000 30030 11000  
2' Straight Track (usually comes in a box of 12 pieces) 10600   35208 (600mm) R81060 30060 11060  
12 pc. 3' Straight Track   94652A     30090 11070  
4' Straight Track     35209 (1200mm)        
5' Straight Track (usually comes in a box of 6 pieces)   94660   R81065   11098

CURVED Track with Solid Brass Rail LGB
(Euro) #
Bachmann # Piko # USA Trains # AristoCraft/Polk GeneratioNext
Std. Gauge
(US) #
AristoCraft/Polk GeneratioNext
Narrow Gauge
(Euro) #
4'-Diameter Curve Track (12 pieces make a circle. LGB calls this "RI".) 11000 (R1) 94653 35211 (R1) R81100 30100 11100  
5'-Diameter Curve Track (12 pieces make a circle. LGB calls this "R2".) 15000 (R2) 94654   R81500 30110 11500  
6'-Diameter Curve Track (12 pieces make a circle.)     35213 (Piko's "R3" is not the same as LGB's)        
8'-Diameter Curve Track (16 pieces make a circle. LGB calls this "R3".) 16000 (R3) 94655A   R81600 30115 11600  
10'-Diameter Curve Track (12 pieces make a circle.)       R81700 30120 11800  
15'-Diameter Curve Track 18000 (R5)(24 pieces make a circle)       30124 (16 pieces make a circle) 11804 (16 pieces make a circle)  
16'-Diameter Curve Track (16 pieces make a circle.)       R81800      

20'-Diameter Curve Track (16 pieces make a circle.)

      R81900 30125 11820  

TURNOUTS (switches) with Solid Brass Rail LGB
(Euro) #
Bachmann ) # Piko # USA Trains # AristoCraft/Polk GeneratioNext
Std. Gauge
(US) #
AristoCraft/Polk GeneratioNext
Narrow Gauge
(Euro) #
Right Manual Turnout (for 4'-Diameter Track) 30300   35221   11200 12000  
Left Manual Turnout (for 4'-Diameter Track) 12100   35220 35220 30350 11210  
Right Electric Turnout (for 4'-Diameter Track) 12050   R81205        
Left Electric Turnout (for 4'-Diameter Track) 12150   R81215        
Right Manual Turnout (for 8'-Diameter Track)       35223(Piko's "R5" is similar to LGB's "R3") NA NA  
Left Manual Turnout (for 8'-Diameter Track)       35222(Piko's "R5" is similar to LGB's "R3") NA NA  
Right Electric Turnout (for 8'-Diameter Track) 16050       NA NA  
Left Electric Turnout (for 8'-Diameter Track) 106150       NA NA  
Right Manual Turnout (for 10'-Diameter Track)         30370 NA  
Left Manual Turnout (for 10'-Diameter Track)         30380 NA  
#6 (very wide) Right Manual Turnout 18050       30330 NA  
#6 (very wide) Left Manual Turnout 18150       30340 NA  
#6 (very wide) Right Electric Turnout     R81605        
#6 (very wide) Left Electric Turnout     R81615        

(Euro) #
Bachmann ) # Piko # USA Trains # AristoCraft Std. Gauge
(US) #
AristoCraft Narrow Gauge
(Euro) #
Rerailer (12" straight)     35281   10350 10350  
19.5 degree crossing (diamond)         30400 30400  
22.5 degree crossing (diamond) 13200       NA NA  
30 degree crossing (diamond) 13000     A11300 30405    
90 degree crossing (square) 13100            

Parts and Accessories

LGBBachmannPICOUSA Trains



Extra Track Joiner Screws   94656   R80002 11910  
Track to pack connector wires 50160 94662 35270   29600  
Plastic Track Joiners - use to connect rails between "blocks"
(So you can run electricity to one section and not to another--
this is especially helpful for sidings.)
10260       11901  
Lighted bumper without track (Order one for each siding
you plan to have)
10310       11031  

Reversing System (for back-and-forth running)

426-10151 (for reversing loops)       11090 (straight back-and-forth, no turning)  
Electronic Switch Machine 12010
for LGB
and Aristo)
  35271   11298  

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